John L.A. Huisman

John Huisman

Post-doc (Linguistics)




University of Turku
School of Languages and Translation Studies

Curriculum Vitae

Academic experience

Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Turku
Biological Evolution and Diversification of Languages research group
Research project investigating patterns of language contact in the Uralic language family using a population genetics framework

Part-time lecturer at Uppsala University
Department of Linguistics and Philology
Courses: Data Visualisation and Statistics for the Language Sciences; Semantics & Pragmatics; Language, Culture & Cognition

Postdoctoral researcher at Uppsala University
Department of Linguistics and Philology
Research project investigating semantic variation and change in the Indo-European language family, with special reference to phylogeny, geography and cognition

Junior researcher at Radboud University
Variation and Distance research group
Research project on the influence of geographical and language-internal factors on variation in the Limburgish dialect area in the Netherlands and Belgium


PhD in Linguistics (cum laude)
Radboud University
Thesis title: Variation in form and meaning across the Japonic language family with a focus on the Ryukyuan languages

Research Master Language and Communication
Tilburg University

Pre-Master Communication and Information Science
Tilburg University

Bachelor Oriental Languages and Communication
Zuyd University Maastricht

Honours and grants

Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation
Scholarships and grants provided for research exchanges between Japan and the Nordic countries

Niels Stensen Fellowship
Awarded to outstanding researchers who recently received their PhD to enable them to gain research experience at a top university or institute abroad

NWO PhDs in the Humanities
Awarded by the Dutch Research Council to provide talented researchers with a paid position to obtain a doctorate

Tilburg University Research Master’s Thesis Prize
Awarded for the best Research Master thesis of the academic year across all faculties

KNAW Academy Assistants Programme
Awarded by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences to outstanding students to get first-hand experience in academic research

Assistantship and internships

Research assistant at Oslo University
Center for Multilingualism in Society across the Lifespan
Research project on standardisation and authentication of Limburgish as a language in the Netherlands

Research assistant at Radboud University
Meaning Culture and Cognition research group
Research project on cross-linguistic variation in the language of perception, focusing on cross-modal associations between taste and colour

Student assistant at Radboud University
Meaning Culture and Cognition research group
Research project on cross-linguistic variation in perceptual vocabularies and its implications for cognition, focusing on cross-modal associations between odour, colour and temperature

Research internship at Radboud University
Meaning Culture and Cognition research group
Research project on the role of psycholinguistic factors in people’s ability to name odours, focusing on word frequency and semantic context

KNAW Student assistant at Tilburg University
Children and Learning research project
Research project on dialect use in the Dutch province of Limburg and the factors that determine its preservation and transmission across generations

Public outreach

Writer at MPI TalkLing
Blog of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen on which various researchers talk about all aspects of the language sciences

“How does blue feel? What is the sound of lemon odor? What associations do you make between your senses?”
Series of experiments on cross-modal associations as part of the Science Live series at Nemo Science Museum, Amsterdam

“Bringing science to the classroom”
Science outreach project carried out in elementary schools in Boxmeer and Arnhem, in collaboration with Science Education Hub at Radboud Universiteit